Sunday, August 24, 2008


After church today, we decided to go visit Olivia. The cememtery really isn't that pretty this time of year, but they did mow the weeds down.
We are coming up on Olivia' s 1 year anniversary/birthday. I'm not quite sure what to call it yet. I hate to call it her death date, being that she was also born the same day. We are planning on getting her headstone done before then. I can't believe it's take this long to get it done, but I have just had too much other things on my mind.
It's wierd to think that we will have another little girl with us before Olivia's 1 year mark. It still doesn't seem real, although I FEEL it everyday. I don't like this picture of me, but I realize that I haven't posted any pregnant pictures. I'm huge and I feel it. Evethough I may have 11 weeks left, I'm pretty sure that I only 8...thank goodness.
After every visit, Brinley takes rocks home to paint. She says they are to bring back for Olivia, but then changes her mind when she finishes them. We have about 10 rocks now, I think I will have her pick out a few for Olivia. I can't handle too many more rocks around the house.
The week ahead is going to be busy with a root canal Tuesday, school starts Thursday, a niece's baptism Saturday on the west side of the state and helping Matt at the store in between it all. Hopefully I can keep up on posts with all the craziness.

a quick shout out to my bro, Jarardo (Jared), whose 32nd birthday was yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your gift and you had a good birthday!


Karen said...

Man you re huge!!!lol...Im so glad we are good enough friends that I can say that...We didn't get Sierra's head stone for a year also...I think it was there at the end of aug a few weeks after the 1 year mark of her passing...Call me if you need anything this week...And dont forget to take is easy, you are Prego you know ....Happy Birthday Jared!!!

Shannon said...

we are coming up on our Olivia's one year anniversary too. I've felt the same about what to call it. Our goal was to get her grave marker by her birthday. Because we had to unexpectedly relocate for my husbands job (13 hours away), we sped up the process. I have some pictures of it on one of my old posts.

I think you look great! Have you picked out a name yet? What was Olivia's middle name? Our Olivia was Olivia Faith. :)

Cindy said...

Only 8 weeks left. How crazy is that. I'm sure you have many emotions running through your head, but I agree with Karen. Don't kill yourself trying to get everything done you are prego and you need some TLC. At least you'll have your mornings available for a couple months when Brinley starts school. I still can't believe the first group of babies from the pines ward is starting to kindergarten this year. At least the first group for me when we moved into the ward. Time does fly.

Marnie said...

You only have 11 weeks left? That went fast (for me)!!!

Happy birthday Jared.