Thursday, August 7, 2008

need weekend plans?

This Saturday at Riverfront Park is Kids Day from 11am-5pm.
Stage shows
Bounce Area
Dance Teams
Karate Demos
Meet Ronald McDonald, Gordon from Seasame Street, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Clifford
Games and Prizes
Sounds like FUN!
And its All FREE!
Also this weekend...
And again, it's all FREE!


Hope said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! 'Wish I was there this weekend so I could take my kids to meet Gordon from Sesame Street.

Sam and Jill Family said...

Isn't it going to be a fun weekend. I am excited to have so many fun free activities to attend.

Lisa Farman said...

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions. I think Chris and I are going to have a fun weekend planned for the boys.

Mary Child said...

Wow, Spokane IS a great place, isn't it? Why did I move away?