Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cleaning projects

My daughter is such a slob!...No, it was me. Two weeks ago I started a project to clean Brinley's room, get rid of toys, move everything toy out of her bedroom to make room for a crib. Yeah, two weeks ago this was how far I got before getting burned out. I have made her bed and such but not done anything with the pile of toys and garbage sitting in the way. She thinks it's been great not having to put her toys away, not a good habit to get into. Okay, so Summer is here and who wants to be inside cleaning right? Well, I kicked myself in the butt today and got it done. Now there is room for a crib and a small shelf for diapers and such...I just have to actually BUY the crib. I am such a slacker. I have been looking though, so that is good. I have bought a few pieces of clothing and I'm working on a quilt but not much sad. Anyway, her room now looks like this:
this will be where the crib goes, the toy box won't be there. I didn't have the energy to move it downstairs.we will see how long it lasts. I am only letting Brinley keep that little pink tote for toys in her bedroom.
And just because it's cute:

I found this at goodwill yesterday. Brinley "hates" it because I took down a picture she painted and put this plate in it's place. It will grow on her...i think she secretly likes it.


Shevaun said...

I love that plate!

The Bennett Bunch said...

That quilt is beautiful!!! I love the fabrics you used. I have 2 waiting to start for nephews and they are almost crawling now, so this might inspire me to get going.

kim said...

wanna come clean my rooms???? I am waiting for school to start so I can clean without the kids looking over my shoulder.

It looks great!!

julie said...

good choice with the plate! if i had bought one, it would have sat in my office disaster until i put it in the next yard sale. and good job on brinleys room!