Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

My sweet papa is 60 today!
He is an amamzing man! Here are a few things about him:

(pictured up front sitting on a rocking horse)

He is the 5th of nine children. He was the oldest of the "little kids" and youngest of the "big kids". He served in Vietnam with his brother, Brian. He also had a pet monkey while there. He took lots of pictures and made them all into slides. When we were growing up one of our favorite things to do was watch a slide show about my dad in Vietnam and on his mission.He went on a mission to England after serving in the military. He still likes to eat beans and eggs with ketchup. It's actually pretty good. I got a taste of English when I spent a few months there.He loved to work on cars. He owned a few VW over the years. My brother, Brian, now has an addiction to them also. He has always wanted a Harley Motorcycle.

( I was a baby in this picture(on left). There are A LOT of us Erickson's missing from here)

He comes from an awesome family!

My dad is known for many things, including:

Fisherman, Welder, Gardener, Electrician, Carpenter, Scout Master, Hunter, Camper, Brother, Husband, Father and Grandpa.

My dad taught me how to fish. We used to go on fishing trips together, just me and him. I loved it. It was a lot of work for him though, I always got my line caught on something.

He also taught us to work hard. When we lived in Vernal, Ut. every Saturday in the Summer, my dad would make us get up early and head up to the mountain to get firewood. We HATED it, but now have some great memories of those trips we took as a family. When we turned 12, he would make us get a job, wether it was babysitting or a paper route.

I hope you had an awesome birthday!

I love you Dad!


Marnie said...

Great pictures. Happy birthday.

CrazyMomof7 said...

That was beautiful Arah. Happy Birthday!!

Rocia said...

awesome awesome awesome pictures. i wish i could click on the erickson family pic. i love your dad.

Rocia said...

awesome awesome awesome pictures. i wish i could click on the erickson family pic. i love your dad.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Jim! I love your Dad, he probably reminds me the most of Grandpa Brownie, he's so sweet.

kim said...

Great post. Your dad is awesome. Not because I have met him, but because I know 2 of his daughters and think they are great, and because I have seen the love he has for you in the things he has done for you and all the love and support he has shown. Hope he has a great birthday.