Sunday, July 27, 2008

cherry pickin

Today after church, we decided to take a drive up to Greenbluff. We wanted to check the prices on cherries and since they were so cheap, $1.65 a pound compared to $4.98 at the stores, we thought we would just pick a few pounds. How could you not resist these delicious Rainier cherries? I am so glad they were a few weeks late this year. Can you believe how many there are? All of the trees were like this. Brinley had a blast, she ate as many as she picked.
So did Matt.
36 pounds of cherries later...i know, 36 pounds, how are we going to eat them feet looked like this.
Since we were breaking the Sabbath already...I know, we are going to hell... we got ice cream cones too and they were delicious.
Peaches will be on in a few weeks. I am so excited. They literally fall off into your hands and they are SO JUICY!


kim said...

I am so glad you are going to hell too!!!!

I LOVE cherries. They are great frozen!

Karen said...

See you both there!!!lol

DeAnne said...

1.65? My mother in law told me yesterday that they got cherries up at Greenbluff for .99/lb and then on their way out they saw some for .75 and .89 or something crazy. I can't believe you got 36 pounds! Holy Crap! :)

Mary Child said...

I LOVE CHERRIES TOO! We missed the U-pick season at Apple Hill this year; I was SO BUMMED.

By the way, I don't think that's breaking the Sabbath! Being together as a family after Church is more important than following a list of Do's and Don'ts... The family that plays together, stays together; haven't you heard?

See you in heaven!!!

Forever Young said...

This reminds me of picking cherries at grandma and grandpa's house...I miss those days and I miss them. Love you, and give yourself a pat on the back for keeping tradition alive:)

Nick and Meg said...

Ha guys are SO much like us, it's crazy! I wish I were there to help you eat them all..YUM! Miss you!