Saturday, July 26, 2008

24 week ultrasound

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Everything is good!!! Sarah is a little wiggle worm and was giving the Sonographer a hard time. Her heartbeat is strong and there is lots of amniotic fluid and fluid in her bladder and stomach. She is still transverse (laying across my belly), but has flipped so she is facing up instead of down. She loves to stretch out her legs, as we saw yesterday, so I think we have a busy girl on our hands.
Our batter cable came in yesterday, so now I can post pics. We are going to go play in the Pend Orielle River todaywith our friends, the Whalens. So you'll have to wait until tonight for updates and pictures. Have a fun Saturday!


DeAnne said...

Oh yay! How exciting!

I hope you have fun today on the River. I will be thinking of you being not too far from my house. Are your friends in the Priest River Ward? The name sounds familiar, but I really don't know anyone in that ward, just the Dean's. Have a great weekend!

kim said...

Can I just say Yippee!!!! and leave it at that???? Hope your day was fun! Love you!

Brunabug said...

Great news!!! :) Lady Bug was a wiggly thing too. Even at my last 35 week appointment when the nurse tried to get her heart beat...she kept moving around. I was surprised that she still has room to move around, because I feel like there is no more room for me.

Anonymous said...

So glad that everything went well with your ultrasound. How's your back doing? Does Brinley want to have a play day with Kaitlyn this week? The boys in our neighborhood are being way to tough on her and so she'd rather invite girls over to play.
Let me know if you want to come hang with us or if you just need a break and want some alone time?

Lisa Farman said...

I am happy that everything is going well and your little angel is doing fine.

I hope you had a good time at the river.