Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arah Kunz Photography???

First off, THANK YOU to those who left a comment on my previous post. It made me feel much better. I have some pretty good friends...
Now, for some good news, after many pushes and shoves (and some confidence building), I have decided to do something more with my photography. I will be setting up a photography website or blog and I need some ideas on a name. I could just go with my name, 'Arah Kunz Photography' , but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate them.
I am still trying to figure out pricing and all. I did a lot of photography using my 35 mm camera, so you won't see a wide selection of photos until I start to get more clients. I have a wedding this weekend, so I will add more as I go.
Also, my bereavement photography is done out of love, there is no charge. If you know some one, even if it is a sudden death, and they would like pictures of there sweet baby, please don't hesitate to get a hold of me. Email me at kunzfamily at hotmail dot com and I will give you my phone number. I will travel to any local hospitals.
Hopefully I will get this up and going in the next few days...with some help, Julie?
Wish me luck!


Karlene said...

I want to sign up for a session as soon as you get going. Congrats Arah - its wonderful that you are turning your passion into your business.

dippyrooroo said...

Way to go! I'm so proud of you for taking your love of photography to the next level!

JaNae said...

I've always loved your pictures that you have on your blog. You have a unique style - I've wanted to call you to capture some of my kids like you do with Brinley, so I don't think you'll have any problem getting customers. Good Luck. I like the name - or even just Arah's Photography.

Nick and Meg said...

I like the name Arah Kunz Photography--it tells people who you are and exactly what you do! Plain and simple-- I love it! I am SO glad that you are starting this venture! You really are an AMAZING photographer....I cant wait to see how things turn out!

Mary Child said...

YEA ARAH. All I can say is, What took you so long???

So when can we book your first sitting in Sacramento?

Brunabug said...

How fun! Arah Kunz Photography is a great name. I was trying to come up with some other suggestions but I am not sure they are all that great. 'Kunz Photography' or "AK Photography" or something that goes with the types of photography you will focus on. I would just use your name for now and then as you work on the business then you just might find another name and change it then, or you might just like what you have.
I don't think I helped out at all. *L*
I am just happy for this decission for you. I might be getting in contact with you to get some pictures of Bug and Lady Bug and maybe some family pictures this year.

Anonymous said...

You have a such beautiful gift. You are truly inspired to capture the best moments in life. I too would love a session with my kiddos. I have wanted to get some pictures of them playing together to hang on the bare walls in their rooms.
Let me know when you get it going?

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Arah, you are so ambitious! I love that you are starting a photography business. Just looking at the pictures on your blog, I know you will be awesome. I will definitely hire you to come take some of my kids. It is like a 5 person job, anyway--one to keep each kid posed and clean, one to entertain/bribe/threaten, and one to actually take the pictures!

I have always been interested in photography, but I am just not that good. I guess I need to read up and try a few different techniques and find out more about my camera for a start! Or maybe I'll just hire you and someday I'll get around to learning myself!

I'll let you know if I think of any names...don't expect much!

Wendy said...

Congrats on your business. You are so talented and its so nice to use that talent for those who have lost someone.

val said...

Hi Arah. Janet has told me wonderful things about you. I remember when you lost your little one. My heart broke for your loss.

Thank you for the nice things you said about my photos. I am learning and loving it.

I do use photoshop CS3, the full blown version. We bought it while we were still students so it was $200 instead of $600 (ouch). I don't think it's very user friendly and only know how to do very little with it but I'm starting to take classes. I use a Nikon D50 camera. It's old school already but what can you do?

Good luck with your business!

How did you get to my blog? Just curious.