Monday, April 14, 2008

soccer game

Not only did we have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL weekend, it was also Brinley's first soccer game. I haven't had a good laugh since Girls Night Out. Even if you don't have a 5 year old that plays soccer, it's worth going to watch a game. They just follow the ball around. Brinley is a hopper. She hopped everywhere. She got a chance to kick the ball and then celebrated like you would when you made a goal. I never thought that I would enjoy her being in an extracurricular activity, but it's been just as fun for me as it has for her.
Julie has done a great job coaching. Cody is a crackup and totally reminds me of my brother, Jared, who was never really into playing sports. Cody likes to pick at the grass, play with the goal nets, etc. but he has a good time and that is all that counts.
So we had this gorgeous weather all weekend. We all got a little sun and some more than others, but i woke up today thinking that it was all a dream because our gross rainy weather is back...the joys of living in Washington.


kim said...

We had a couple of kindergarten soccer games this weekend as well. They played in groups of 3 on 2 fields, 6 5 minute sessions. There was a boy on Isaac's team that kept pushing his own team members to get to the ball. It was all I could do not to yell at him. Just one reason I am not coach material. Anna's first game I spent in the car because I was so frustrated they were throwing it in to the other team.

We hit 85 and so we had great weather for the games. But, alas, we, we too have rain today.

Kaisa Bailey said...

So funny & cute. Scott was like Cody too. His dad used to get SO MAD as his coach because he would be chasing bugs...(not one that's too into team sports). I can't wait until Lakai goes into soccer next year!

DeAnne said...

She looks so cute in her soccer uniform. Go team go!

Mary Child said...


I love the music on your blog.