Saturday, April 19, 2008

mY LittLe sUnShInE

My little Easter Baby, born April 20th, 2003. 1st teeth yet, but who needs teeth to eat cake.
2nd birthday...asked for blue frosting and ladybug cupcakes for her party.
3rd birthday...had a Dora party at the park. 4th birthday... tinkerbell and a treasure hunt.
5 years little sunshine.
I can't believe it's been 5 years. She is our little miracle baby. She is smart, beautiful and a sassy little thing, who makes us laugh every single day.
color: "pink, black, red, blue, oh and white. That's it."
food: "basketti and curly noodles"
animal: "tigers and penguins...and giraffes"
toy: "uhhhh... let me go look, it's a big bubble blower"(that will change in about 5 minutes)
place to go: "uhh, to the mall"
movie: "backyardings" (which she just happened to be watching)
fruit: "tomatoes"
sport: "soccer"
book: "Charlie and Lola books"
drink: "orange juice" (me: are you sure it's not hot cocoa? "I like hot cocoa too, but it's orange juice)
time of day: "Sunday and November"
flower: "roses"
Brinley: "what's my favorite time of Spring?"
Me: " I don't know."
Brinley: "It's Halloween."
okay...did that make any sense to any of you?
planet: "Saturn and the sun"
sweet: "m&m's and lollipops"


julie said...

i remember every single one of these days. she is so pretty and we love her.

Sam said...

What a cutie!! Love, Sam

Josh n Betsie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRINLEY! I thought for a minute that the baby picture was olivia. WOW! You have cute kids. Give her a hug and kiss for us please. I can't believe she is 5 either. love ya

Marnie said...

She is so cute, pretty and girly. I know Chloe would idolize her.

The Bennett Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Brinley!!! Wow, I can't believe she is 5 already!!!!!

janet said...

love the birthday countdown. She has ALWAYS been such a beautiful girl!

Ramblings by daughters dad said...

I had no Idea Olivia and her looked so much alike- Love you girls- Matt

Lisa Farman said...

What a cute idea. I love it. Brinley is such a sweetheart, I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Forever Young said...

I cried when I read that. She truly is an amazing little girl, with so much ahead of her and so much to offer. she is just dang cute too:)

Love you guys!!!