Thursday, April 10, 2008

music update

i really needed some summer enjoy. Hopefully we will get some sunny weather this way soon.
Holiday is one of my all time favorite songs maybe because it's a great song to listen to while driving...i love old skool Madonna.
Cruel Summer is yet another favorite, again, good to listen to in the car.
Summertime its a classic. Gotta love Will Smith.

There are a few other songs I really wanted to post, but then it would really age me and you would all think I am a complete dork. However, if anyone can find me a link to Sir Mix A Lot's Spokane version of Jump on it, I would love you forever. I can't find it anywhere, maybe it was made for the radio station only...sad.


kim said...

I am totally a child of the 80's and absolutely love the music. I am not even embarrassed to admit it either.
We hit the low 60's today and are looking towards 70 the next couple of days!! I guess that means I need to pull out the wax pot and freshen up the toes!!! Hope you are feeling better! Love you!

arah said...

but kim, i am a child of the 90's and the music was really bad. The 80's are awesome!