Thursday, January 3, 2008

Random December Pics

We went sledding up at Matt's sister, Lori's house. Oh...way too much fun!

This is a picture of Matt and I riding down the hill.

This is Matt at the bottom.

This is me...I landed somewhere in between the top and the bottom of the hill.

Ah, isn't he handsome! You can't even tell his hair is covered in snow.
The Lowe's also have a pond and since it was frozen, we could go ice skating on it. Brinley was awesome, a natural on the ice.

Have to take a ride on the quad. Oh so fun in the snow!


kim said...

Cute, cute pictures!!! I love them. My favorite is you laughing in the snow.

Wendy said...

Holy cow you do have a lot of snow! Now that looks like real sledding. And the ice skating pics reminded me that I've never taken Ethan ice skating, that would be fun to do.

birdeeb said...

You crack me up Arah! haha "Can't tell there is snow on his head..." LOL! Looks like such a fun time had by all!

janet said...

I LOVE these pictures! I wish we could go sledding and then come back home to our snowless city. We will probably have to make another trip up north before the winter ends just so we can play in it. Seriously... the picture of you is so cute! What a fun time!