Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random pictures from today: I went out to Olivia's gravesite and made her a snowman. I didn't have a hat for it, so I used one of my gloves. The snow is getting really icy and crusty otherwise I probably would have made her a big snowman.This is just a better picture of the stake my dad made for the chimes that hang from it.

The cemetery where Olivia is at is really old. There are a lot of headstones from the 1880's. I walked around the grounds and thought I would show you something I thought was interesting...this headstone is from 1910. It is a baby named Arthur who was just two months old. It sits in the middle of two trees. My guess is that they planted a tree when they buried him...there are also a LOT of silk flowers everywhere. It looks kinda funny when there is snow on the ground and these flowers all over the place.

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kim said...

Darling little snowman. Whenever I went to my grandparents sites, I always looked around at the people around me. So many stories all around you.