Sunday, January 13, 2008

My birthday

I had a really nice birthday. I think I got a little spoiled...they officially accepted the offer on the house on my birthday, so I told Matt that he got me enough and didn't need to get me anything else.
My sister, Kami, couldn't join us for lunch, so it was me, Brinely, Mom and Julie at Olive Garden. Brinley was getting a little bored waiting for the food. Yum! (I know, my fellow weight loss challenge friends, this is not a low fat appetizer...but it was MY birthday and I still lost 5.5 lbs this week)
I got a lot of phone calls from friends and my sweet big sister, Corinne. She can talk your ear off, but it's alright. By the way, thank you everyone for the b-day wishes!
This was not my official birthday cake, this is the one they give you at OG. It didn't taste nearly as good as the one Matt's sister, Ami, was an unbelievably good...dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting! Can you tell I love chocolate?
After we ate lunch, we all got pedicures. It was a lot of fun. I laughed really hard, it tickled so much. I loved it though and think that after I am all moved in, I will have to get my hands done. I do recall saying that I had never been in a Salon, that is true, but I have been to a Spa, once. Matt sent me to one in Seattle for an anniversary gift while I was pregnant with Brinley and I got a massage and a facial. That was fantastic!
I didn't take my camera with me, Julie got pictures and will have to send them to me. Well, my brother, Jared, is officially engaged to Marcey. She was trying on her wedding dress and wanted us to come see it. So we tried on tiaras while we waited. I am not allowed to post a picture of the'll just have to wait.
Princess Julie.
On the way home from all of my birthday doings, Brinley and I had this conversation:
Brinley: "Mom, why is Julie my aunt?"
Me: "Because she is my sister, if she were my brother, she would be your uncle."
Brinley: "Nut ha, it's because she has Aunt in her name...'AUNT' Julie."

She got a little bored waiting around...she is a very impatient child...

I then went to see a movie with Julie and Kami later. It was a long day, but lots of fun. Thanks Matt for letting me hang out with my fam all day!


Karen said...

Im glad you had a great birthday...we should get together this weekend and hang out...

Julie Carr said...

Can I come too . I want to hang out with someone besides my boys for a little bit. LOL. I am glsd you got my post card. I miss our talks on sunday. Ok well you could email me a pic of the dress since I won't be there, BOO HOO.

Josh n Betsie said...

CONGRATS to jared. I am so happy he finally has a great girl. I will be calling you this afternoon to let you know what the outcome of the ultrasound is. Miss ya

kim said...

Love the pictures. Glad you had a fun day!! Good job on the weight loss!!!

The Cobabes said...

Happy B-day!!! Your blog is so cute. I love that we have another way to stay in touch. I emailed your mom to get updates and she sent me your blog site, which I had lost so it is now officially saved on my blog. Shevaun just had her first baby, girl named Elle. She weighed 9lbs 11 oz. and she looks just like her. Check out her blog which is attached to mine. Congrats on the house too! It is darling. Love you!

janet said...

Sounds absolutely divine! What fun to be able to hang out all day with your girls!

Love the Aunt comment by Brinley.

Hope said...

Your birthday lunch and pedicure day sounds fun. You can't beat the feeling just after a mani/pedi! Congrats on your weight loss--any little bit helps, right? (Although 5.5 is much more than "a little"! Phenomenal!) Birthdays require a little splurging, though, so I'm glad you ordered what you wanted. Who says you have to go through life without EVER having something tasty like that? Food was meant to be enjoyed!