Sunday, January 27, 2008

Church was cancelled

Wow, what a day!

I was woke up to the sound of three phones ringing. People from church calling to tell us that church had been cancelled today. I looked outside and saw that the snow was still falling from yesterday and we expecting more all week. It just won't stop! I love the snow, but this is will not be a fun week for us. We are supposed to be out of the house on Friday. We cleaned out the garage yesterday, took a load to the dump, and at least 5 loads to the storage unit. I have tons more to do and this weather is not cooperating with my plans.

My mom called to tell me that a plane had skidded off the runway here in Spokane, which now means that the airport is now closed. I guess that means that we made national news!

Take care safe and stay warm! I wonder if Brinley will have school tomorrow...


kim said...

Ours was called after sacrament. We got at least 4 inches which is like a blizzard down here. I am sure they will cancel school.

janet said...

A snow day for school is always fun... but it's even better for church!! jk.

This is the very reason why we moved from Spokane and won't return. I don't mind the snow, especially around the holidays.. but it just never seems to go away!!!

Good luck during your move! Wish we could help you... but since the airport is closed, we won't be flying in.