Sunday, November 18, 2007

Olivia's dress

I got on a computer that will work for me...finally. Here are the pictures of Olivia's dress and the things that we put in her box. They aren't in any particular order.Front of her dress.Back of her dress. It was open except for a few buttons so that it would be easier to put on her.Her dress measured 24 inches.Her bonnet and booties. They were the perfect size. Below is the blanket Grandma Barbara made. Bracelet and brass plate. The bracelet fit my thumb perfectly.

brass plate. This is similar to what will be on her headstone.

Dolly. Brinley asked that my mom give her a heart.


Sam and Jill Family said...

Wow. All of that stuff is so beautiful and meaningful. I know you talked about it, but seeing pictures off all of it is just bringing tears to my eyes all over again. So precious! luv ya

janet said...

That dress is so beautiful and what a sweet little doll for her to have..

Kim and Aaron W. said...

Everything is so beautiful Arah... All made out of love for her and your family... definitly treasures.