Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's really sad when you have an anniversary and we both forget...Matt and I were sealed six years ago today.
I was out running around with my mom and Matt was at school. I didn't even realize the date or anything, I called Matt in the middle of class and reminded him. We both laughed and that was the extent of our celebrating. Boy, we live an exciting life...we will be celebrating 8 years of marriage on Dec. 1oth...not like we have had anything else on our minds.
My mom and I took Cody and Brinley to Cabela's today. That is a really cool place, I recommend taking your kids there just to look at all the animals they have. It's amazing. You can learn a lot in a store like that. Maybe wait a week when the grand opening has died down and your able to maneuver a cart and not run over any one's heels...thanks mom!
I have been having horrible Braxton-hicks contractions...with pain, but seem to be getting around okay. It does not help when trying to sleep though. But you gotta love taking a long, warm bath to relax the body. Ahhhh.


The Barkers said...

Arah -
Betsie emailed me and told me that you had Olivia and got to spend two hours with her. So glad to hear that you got some good time in with your baby! How everything is going well and settles down soon! Have a good Thanksgiving and happy anniversary!!!!!!

Kaisa Bailey said...

Just wanted to let you know how much we love you. I was glad to hear that you were able to spend time with your baby. We love you!