Monday, October 19, 2009

madeline james photography

My sister, Julie, and I... have started a photography business.
you can check out our blog:
(it's still under construction, please leave comments...and try to be nice.)


Nick and Meg said...

The link didn't work!........i want to see your blog. fix it. ;-)

Kim and Aaron W. said...

ooohhh! Nice website! I especially love the font that says "Not Found Error 404" It's really neat how the first line is bigger than the second line. Way to go Arah & Julie!

*that was my attempt at being nice*

Oh- by the way. Your link is not working... *grin*

I'd love to see your page when you have the right link.

arah said...

not quite sure why blogger is not letting my link, so I gave the address instead.

The Jeppson Family said...

Oh my--you 2 have been busy, haven't you?? I LOVE your style!! My favorite is the girl by the bridge by the st.(looks like downtown)& the couple w/ the guitar engagement---I LOVE the one where she's on his back! I LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see your christmas card!! Did you hubby tell you we saw him sat on the freeway!!! Love Brinleys star too!! You are just sooo talented, Arah!! It's awesoem to see you hopefully get some compensation soon for your extraordinary TALENTS!!!!

Debbie said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while. It's nice to see you still blog... and... and.... and! I don't know how you do it all. Are you tired?
I checked out your new website. (The link still doesn't work, I cut and pasted) You two do beautiful work! I liked the picture of Kendra holding the frame. Very nice! All the photos are soo good. Congratulations and here's hoping for continued sucess.

The Barney's said...

It works just fine if you actually type in the address, just can't click on the link. You guys are amazing!! I think we may just have to set up a photo shoot when we are in Spokane next spring or summer!!! Brinley and Cody's middle names right?? You guys are awesome. I love the picture of you and Julie (when you were little girls). Oh and I LOVED your Halloween costume. Very funny!! Your girls are beautiful. Happy Fall!