Saturday, October 10, 2009

freezing in greenbluff

Yesterday we headed up to Greenbluff for some Fall fun. It's tradition to take the kids up and get pumpkins, apple cider and pumpkin donuts.
It was a short trip. The temperature up there must have been 35 with the wind chill factor. Babies do not like wind and cold. Neither do adults who have to deal with freezing children.
We had to get some pics of the kids with the pumpkins though.

My niece, Melissa, and her daughter, Kennady, came with us.
I am not in these pics, obviously, but my sister has some of us on her camera.
The kids really wanted to get a pumpkin so we did stop at another little farm and let them pick one out, I smashed Brinley's freezing cold fingers too. Yeah...not good. Poor kid.


Lisa Farman said...

I love going to Greenbluff. Too bad it was so cold. It can be so much fun when the weather isn't bad. Great pics though. I'm hoping to go next weekend. It's not suppose to be so cold then.

Melissa Kunz said...

i like those pictures so cute. thanks for inviting us to come along we had a lot of fun. by the way if you want to get more pumpkins cheap these a trailer full on euclid just off barker they are a dollar a pumpkin and they are good size too.

Darla said...

We still haven't done our pumpkin patch trip. Soon, soon. Julie's hair looks GREAT, the kids are beautiful, and I wish you were in these pics..

Kera said...

I miss green bluff.

Marnie said...

pumpkin donuts? I want one, or many.
The pictures make it look fabulusly fun.

Anonymous said...

I need to go up there and get pumpkins for the kids. It's way cold and I am not looking forward to snow. Hopefully the snow will hold of until I get our pumpkins.

Emily said...

Hi, my name is Emily Williams you don't know me but I stumbled onto your blog while looking for pictures. I got sucked into your blog and was brought to tears by your stories. You have such a wonderful and beautiful family. Your pictures are so great. I'm so happy to see that you have two beautiful little girls and that you keep your little blessing Olivia in your memories. You are so blessed. Thank you so much for letting people into your life through your blog.