Friday, February 13, 2009


I thought this year I would get all crafty and help Brinley make Valentine's for her class. I came across some blogs with adorable print out Valentine's (easy ones). Brinley spotted these alligators from Skip To My Lou.

I thought, sure those look easy (and they were), only if you have a few extra HOURS to spend cutting out and putting together. Then I would suggest going to the store and letting your child pick out their favorite. Brinley ended up playing a game on the computer and tearing the couches apart to make a fort, while I did the rest. She did glue on a few of the eyes though. I made the alligators for the boys (11) and easy heart and tissue paper valentines for the girls (11).

The alligators had candy in their bellies while I tied the hearts to some goodie bags for the girls.
Girls like hearts, right? Well, let me tell you, I got an ear full when we went to Brinley's class to deliver the Valentines. A lot of "Where is my alligator?" "Why didn't I get an alligator?"
I've learned my lesson. Next year I will either start 2 weeks ahead of time and make the same Valentine for everyone or just have Brinley pick some out at the store. I made something completely different for her teachers, but there were only two of them, plus they got a little extra with theirs too, Subway gift cards (we weren't able to get them anything at Christmas because we missed the party due to school being cancelled).
Brinley had a great party with frosted sugar cookies , strawberry floats, games and messes.She loved getting Valentines from her classmates. Her favorites involved tattoo's and pixie sticks.
Tomorrow we have plans to go to breakfast with Matt, since he has to work. Then tomorrow night, to some friends house for a steak dinner and games...if my sister, Julie, doesn't have that baby tomorrow.


The Wright Stuff said...

Adorable Valentine's! I wish I would have done something so cute.... maybe next year!?! :) Thanks for the website! I've looked there before, but totally forgot about it!

The Jeppson Family said...

You are my kind of girl!!! I'm afraid I'd be saying the same thing. "Hey, Where's my alligator"-If I was 5/6, of course. How adorable!!! Last year I did crafty & all I heard this year was...Mom, can I pick my own at the store. I'll even use my own money! Wow, that's a powerful statement! SOOOOO CUTE!! I'll have to check out that website! Early congrat's to your sis! Is she having a girl or boy??

Stephani said...

Cute! You energetic woman. I love those! We did some homemade ones too, but the kids just made them for each other since we do homeschool, and that was still a lot of work. I bet the kids in Brinley's class thought those were so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I used to be craaaaaazzzy like you. LOL. Oh my gosh, those are great. I can't wait to come visit and see you guys. Love ya!!!!

The Barney's said...

Arah you are amazing!!!!!!!! Totally adorable but so time consuming. I am really excited for Julie to have a little baby girl. Congrats on a new niece!!