Tuesday, February 3, 2009

random things.

I have been tagged by about 5 people to list 25 random things. I 'm not even sure I can come up with that many things, but here it goes. I was tagged on facebook, but I am so lost when it comes to that.
1. we have two goldfish. we have been trying to secretly "kill" them for about 1 1/2 years...they won't die. Their names are spot and spot.
2. I have the most boring closet of clothes. I like solids and dark colors...SO BORING, i know.
3. I don't eat rice. Except for fried and sticky.
4. I love Matt's hair. It was one of the things that attracted me to him. 5. I have a crooked toe to go with my crooked smile.
6. My sister, Kami, made a cat in a pottery class. I bugged so much about how much I loved it, she let me "borrow" it for as long as i want, she wants it back someday. It is one of my favorite decorations.

7. I HATE cats. I am allergic to them.

8. I am allergic to very random things and I am pretty sure people think I am lying (honey, pineapple, citrus fruits, pecans and walnuts, etc.)

9. I have been craving a salad for about 6 months, but can't eat it unless I want to be up with a gassy baby all night.

10. I drove a Rolls Royce as a Chauffeur for a hotel.

11. I hate my hair. I can't do anything with it. It's thin and it doesn't curl.

12. I buy the newspaper just for the ads. I throw the rest away.

13. I am usually at the mall to walk, not shop. I don't like shopping all that much.

14. I've eaten haggis. If you don't know what that is, you won't want to know. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but was still gross.

15. I hate scary movies and will not watch them.

16. I can remember my phone number from over 25 years ago...623.4756, I was six.

17. I do not have a green thumb, and tend to kill house plants accidentally. I love that my yard doesn't take much to take care of.

18. I hate going to the movies downtown because of the escalators. They freak me out.19. I would love to visit Dubai, just to see the architecture.

20. I love to watch my girls sleep.
21. Everyday after Brinley gets home from school, I make lunch and we watch The Cosby Show together.
22. I have never broken a bone, I don't count toes.
23. I love stars and have them hanging throughout my house.
24. I love to paint houses, I want to repaint my bedroom.
25. I think it's really hard to think of 25 random things to write about yourself.


julie said...

i can think of a few more:
-your a good fisherman girl,
-a super softball fastpitcher,
-you don't like tuna fish or peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches,
-you read super quick and can finish books at lightening fast speeds,
-and you tried to feed me pennies for dinner when i was about 3 months.

Kim and Aaron W. said...

Great list Arah! You had me grinning through out it... loved the pictures to go along with the list!

Marnie said...

789-9424. that's the Ericson's vernal phone numbr. 844 W 1100 s. That's the Harmons old Vernal addreass.

I remember kami telling me she was alreric to carrots. andrea and I didn't believe her. Itchy throat and mouth with citrus, walnuts etc? Even carrots? I get that every now and then.

Darla said...

Sweet video of the girls..and the 25 random things.., it was great. Loved reading it. Good idea to put it on the blog with pics. Maybe..I'll do that. I found it incredibly hard to think of 25 things, which is funny. That's not too many things. But then a few of my friends reminded me of silly stuff that had happened to me when I was younger. I have a horrible memory, I tell ya.

Rocia said...

i know where to send your goldfish if you want them to magically die...kaisa and scott(santa) brought goldfish to their boys for christmas and i think they lasted 2-3 days. kaisa really needs to blog about it. it had to do with something like feeding them cereal and milk for breakfast and field trips down the hallway to their bedrooms. i think most of the time kaisa was showering when it took place...hilarious.

Cindy said...

I can't believe you would want to kill your fish. I would be doing the same thing. Another thing is you are very crafty and clever. I love the video of Brinley getting in the way while you are trying to tape Sarah. Funny girls.

Kera said...

patrick says he is allergic to all those same random things and I NEVER believe him. i should.

nicks88turbo said...

Oh and you have a nephew with kids the same age as you.. lol....