Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my birthday.

last Thursday, my mom and sisters, Julie and Kami, took me to lunch at Casa de Oro, where they sang to me. I did not expect it and I am sure turned a lovely shade of pink. then we got pedicures. Karen happened to walk by and snapped a photo for us so that we could all be in the picture.
here are our toes:
It was a fun day, other than Brinley's accident. I am not sure why she thought that they didn't have a bathroom there or decided that she just didn't want to let me know she needed to go.
It was the 2nd time last week it happened.
The first time, last week, she was way too excited about ice skating that she didn't let us know.

On Sunday, my Mom made me a dinner of: roast, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade dinner rolls, corn, peas and brussel sprouts. YUM! and then my favorite cake, brownie cake. SO GOOD! Thanks Mom!
Kami gave me a gift card to go to the movies and Julie and Merv gave me a framed 8x10 print of one of my favorite pictures of Sarah to put on my wall. Thanks guys!
It was nice, quiet day.
On Monday, I got this:
and I love it! It's not the Bernina that I wanted, but this machine has EVERYTHING I need an was $500 dollars cheaper. Thank you Matt!
I have already made my first project on it, but I can't show you yet. It's a gift and she won't get it until next week.
Matt will find me sitting in front of this machine a lot, so I will apologize now for the dirty dishes,
piles of dirty laundry.


CrazyMomof7 said...

How fun and I love that Brinley got to have a pedicure too.

The Jeppson Family said...

OK...so now I know where to come to finish all my sewing projects...Congrats! This will definetely be $$$ well spent!

Kera said...

HAPPY BELATED :) Let me know how you like that sewing machine. I am in the market.

Marnie said...

Happy birhtday. Sorry so late.

DeAnne said...

yes, yes, yes, HAPPY B-DAY! so, can I send my quilts to your for stipling? So cool!!! I love it Arah! Lets be quilting buddies! Except I am sure you will finish way more quilts than I will. I wish I could be less anal.

janet said...

happy late birthday! sounds like it was a good one!