Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last night we celebrated the New Year quietly, in the literal sense, my dad went to bed early because he worked today. Our cheers were on the whispered side.
We woke up to huge snowflakes falling. By afternoon, the snow was starting to melt, not that it made too much of a dent in the 2 1/2 feet of snow still on the ground. I am sure there is more in the forecast.
2008 was a really good year to us. We bought our first house in February, bought the CricKet store in August, Brinley started Kindergarten in August, and the best part...our sweet baby Sarah came in November.
Last year I had no goals, I think that after losing Olivia, I just wanted to make it through the year. This year I hope to accomplish the goals I set for myself.
*lose all of the baby weight (although I am thrilled with the outcome, I don't recommend having babies a year apart)
*spend more time with my little family
*more dates with Matt
*cook dinner more often
*eat healthier
*sewing projects, such as quilts and clothing for the girls
*read more books
*read and study the B of M
*organize, organize, organize
*insulate the house
*new roof for the house
*start finishing the basement
* more craft projects with Brinley
*put in a garden
* remember family members birthdays and send cards
* keep up on my blog better
* work on scrapbooks
*run bloomsday (its been a few years)
*cut out soda completely
*get Brinley into gymnastics
*get Brinley swim lessons
*spend more time outside
*travel to see some family and friends
I think this is just the start of what things I want to accomplish this year. We'll see how this goes and go from there.
I hope that everyone has an awesome 2009.


: ) Paula said...

That's quite an extensive list of things to accomplish! Good luck and have a wonderful 2009 Arah!

Mary Child said...

Arah, it's been much too long since I've been on your blog!

I love the photo (you always have the BEST pictures)- and the list is awesome!

It does seem long, but my list is similar! Best of luck to you in '09.

Anonymous said...

We have been searching the internet and we haven't been able to find out anything about our New Year's baby tradition. There is stuff about "Baby New Year" being the first baby born of the year, but nothing about laying out your shoe, etc. My dad was hanging out with a few of the Erickson siblings on New Year's Eve and they all said Grandma did it to keep them in line, but they didn't know where she got it from. Let us know what you know!

Oh, and we also asked Josh's neighbors who just moved here from Sweden and they had never heard of it either... so if you find anything, tell us! I am so curious about it!

Marisa said...

Hahaha! Who would have thought Grandma Dot was so familiar with Greek customs? Thanks for the info!

DeAnne said...

2009 here you come! my only goal is to NOT turn into a buffalo with this pregnancy. i feel your pain on the baby weight issue. heck, our kids will be 3 years apart and i STILL haven't lost the "baby" weight from katelyn. (big sigh...) other than that i have no resolutions. that way i don't disappoint myself when i don't make my goals :) i'm a dork, i know. i hope your year is great!

oh yeah, for the headbands, we used a pair of nylons (for the black) and a a pair of tights for the white. it worked really well, i just don't quite know how to secure the middle of it that well. it was fun making the bows though.