Tuesday, January 6, 2009

no school...again.

School is closed again today...I am going nuts.
All but one school district is closed (Julie, I am jealous and I bet Cody is happy to be going back)
Brinley has had LOTS of Cabin Fever and I am not able to play with her outside while Sarah is awake.
My house is a DISASTER and I really could care less right now. I clean a room, then Brinley decides it needs a little something extra. Gotta love it.
Our poor little house is trying to fall apart and the awning above the front porch is a little to heavy with ice.

(can you believe the amount of snow? and this had melted some)

Thank you Dad, Mom and Merv for coming over to shovel our roof and get some of the weight off the awning. I guess a new roof is on order for Spring.


Anonymous said...

Dave's busy shoveling ours today. It's so crazy. I am having major cabin fever. William got pink eye back again and so he has to stay in. The kids have been watching way too much tv.
I hope for an early Spring:)

DeAnne said...

I say enough is enough already with the snow! I would be going nuts if we still lived in Newport. I hope our house up there is still standing.

I love Sarah's blessing dress, she is so adorable! Also, about the headbands. You can get any size you want pretty much. You cut them down to the size you need anyway. I like the tights because they are a little more sturdy, but anything should work fine. That being said, I am not a head band making expert so...what do I know?

I hope you make it through this awful winter!

Darla said...

I'm sorry, Arah! When it started snowing again on Sunday we all moaned..ugh! Cole even added with, "they better not cancel school again tomorrow!". Fortunately, it started raining and all was well. Winter's hard, especially with a new baby! Good luck!

Wendy said...

Wow, I can't believe the amount of snow on your roof. That is nuts!

Cindy said...

Hey Arah,
Thanks for the congrats and if you would like to bring us dinner we would love it. Thursday or Friday are open. I love Sarah's blessing dress and I totally feel for you about the schools being closed. I need my little 2 1/2 hour breaks because when they cancel school they cancel Kylee's preschool as well. Anyway, all is going well so far. Trying to get as much sleep possible and not be to crabby at the girls when they are bouncing around the house and on me while I'm trying to feed a screaming baby. Got to love it!!

Cindy said...

Thursday would be great. Anything is appreciated we aren't picky eaters. We usually eat around 5:30- 6:00. Thanks again. It really helps out in these first couple of weeks. You are awesome

Becky said...

i am so sorry everything is so crazy there for you with the snow! My parents have been keeping us updated- and after being there last week, I can hardly believe the you could get even more. There is a crack in the ceiling of my parent's entry way that has widened - - SCARY!! Anyway, I hope school starts up again soon- - so those poor kids don't have to stay in school until the end of June!

birdeeb said...

WOW I can't believe all the snow! I was going to come home for Christmas, but THAT didn't happen... :o( I can't let my kids outside because our neighbor doesn't pick up the dog poo & I don't want the kids making dog poo snowmen! haha.

The Jeppson Family said...

Yikes!!! I hope that your roof is OK!! Also, Happy Early B-Day!!