Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May MISS meeting

Can I just say it has been a very emotional day for me! First with the whole doctors office incident and then tonight, I had a MISS meeting. The meeting went really good. I missed last months meeting and I didn't realize how much I need to go. I just needed a good cry and lately I just haven't given myself time to do that. I have enjoyed meeting these women, it could have been under better circumstances, but still, I would never have met them otherwise.
We discussed Mother's Day, which is going to be really hard for me. Olivia would be 6 months old Sunday. It doesn't help that I am pregnant and emotional.
We all decided to do an act of kindness on Mother's Day. The MISS Foundation makes these little cards to hand out with your act. Hopefully, the act will be passed on and we know that our child was remember by someone else.
I always thought of Mother's Day as a day for Hallmark to make a buck. Now, it has so much more meaning especially this year. I'm not really sure what our plans are, but I believe it will be spent with both of my daughters.


Lisa Farman said...

I hope your Mother's Day is special and you have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

You are a true mother. I look up to you and love you!! Thanks for sharing your trials and triumphs, you are blessing the lives of many.

Mary Child said...

Arah, tida6 said it perfectly: "Thanks for sharing your trials and triumphs, you are blessing the lives of many."

I could not agree more!

Happy Mother's Day.

Cindy said...

I am so thankful for all that you have shared with us. I can't believe it will already be 6 months on mother's day. I will be thinking about you. Also, I just wanted to tell you I stopped by Olivia's grave and said hello today. My dad is buried there as well and my mom and I went to visit him today and I can never go without saying hi to her as well. I've been by a few times now. You will have a wonderful Mother's Day filled with love from both of your great daughters. Also, I know you would have won our challenge because you were doing awesome before your surprise came about and what a wonderful surprise it was. We can plan a weight loss challenge for the same time next year.

DeAnne said...

I am glad you are teaching Brinley to be modest. I probably shouldn't watch dancing with the stars w/ Kate, but I do. I also watch the Bachelor (after Kate's in bed). I know, I know! REPENT! HAHAHAHAHAH LOVE YA~

Josh n Betsie said...

I hope you have a GREAT mothers day. Your young enough to be my cousin. I think we all totally confuse people with how young you are. Kind of funny to call you my aunt. I hope you are feeling well and hopefully we will have news of two little girls sometime soon. My belly HURTS! Love ya