Monday, May 5, 2008


I am not one to have a lot of dreams, except when I am pregnant. I have really off-the-wall dreams that don't make sense and I actually remember them. I think that because Matt has the radio on at night, I tend to incorporate commercials and things into my dreams. So here are some bizarre dreams I have had in the past few nights.
The first one: I was with Matt and Brinley at some wierd building with columns when I get a phone call from Bishop Creagh saying he would like to teach us a Family Home Evening lesson. "Okay, sure." I say. Then he says he wants us to meet him at Office Depot for the lesson.
That was the dream. I am not sure why Office Depot is a good place for FHE, but I am sure there is a great visual lesson somewhere in that store.
The second: I was in a room full of people I knew. I had a bag of fried chicken and I was munching on a piece. We were all waiting for something and I'm not sure what, but nobody wanted a piece of my fried chicken and I kept trying to get people to have some. I kept trying to force them to eat a piece. It was odd.
Maybe a KFC commercial came on the radio or a Foster Farms Chicken commercial.
I should write more of these stupid dreams down. Does anyone else have really vivid imaginations when they are pregnant? Or just in general? Because I know men can't have babies, even if Oprah called it a miracle.


Josh n Betsie said...

We were just talking about it yesterday how I have WIERD dreams. They seem to be really crazy when I am pregnant.

Mary Child said...

Oh my gosh Arah, YES! I always had CRAZY vivid dreams when I was pregnant, and with Olivia, she was an unplanned pregnancy. So for the first 3 or 4 months I was really mad, and feeling really overwhelmed and nervous... how could I handle all these kids. And then I had a horrible nightmare (that I can still recall in detail) that I miscarried, and I woke up sweating and crying, and from that moment on I was completely READY for baby number 3! And, I have to admit, my little "accident" is SO ADORABLE!

julie said...

i would l eat a piece of your fried chicken.

DeAnne said...

YES! I also had some crazy dreams while I was pregnant. I don't remember any of them now, but I distinctly recall having them. Man, I would love a piece of fried chicken right now, that sounds really good!

You must come up here this summer! We'll put a shrimp on the barbie!!

Lisa Farman said...

I love fried chicken. I had some last night for dinner. If I had been there I'm sure I would have taken a piece of chicken from you.

I have crazy dreams all the time. At least yours go away after the baby comes. Mine are always there.

Jandre said...

lol, have you read my blog about hugh jackman and david tennant? I have psycho dreams when prego!

Brandon and Lindsay said...

I had some really weird dreams when I was pregnant. I still remember what I think was my all-time most interesting: I was snow skiing with my grandma (who really does still snow ski at 79!) and we were doing some sort of Warren Miller film. After going off a cliff, my grandma wrecked and her leg fell off, but she just got up and skied down on one leg!? Now, I know my grandma is tough, but that was a bit much! Anyway, I just always figured that dreams were an intersting side effect of pregnancy--sometimes pretty entertaining!

The Barney's said...

Arah that one about fried chicken wasnt a dream. Remember that time we were all at...just kidding!!!! I would totally eat your chicken. I love fried chicken!!I also have very vivid dreams when I am pregnant, which I am notright now, pregnant I mean, and better not be for a couple years...anyways, I wonder what causes it??? Lori