Tuesday, February 19, 2008


On the way to Utah, we stopped in Montana to use the potty. This is what it looked like...the snow, not the potty. This is not a berm, but actual snow fall. I couldn't believe how much snow there was. Luckily, the roads were dry and we had no problems getting to Utah. We did it in 10 hours...not too bad. Matt's nephew, Nick, and his wife Megan, let us stay with them for the weekend. We had so much fun! Thank you guys so much for letting us stay with you. Ashleigh, Brinley misses you already. We are told we look like we could be sisters, yet, there is no relation. I would take you as a sister though, Megan. Your adorable! This is Nick and Megan's adorable little boy, Preston. He was so much fun I could have taken him home with me. I love to watch babies sleep.
Ashleigh and Brinley loved being together. They didn't fight the whole weekend, just painted nails and dressed up like princesses and like twins.

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kim said...

Good times were had by all.

That snow is just sick and wrong!!!