Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny things

Since the snow is finally melting, we get lots of ice at night. Tonight, while leaving a birthday party some one told us to be careful because the puddles have iced over. I overheard Brinley say "Oh nuts!...Oh crap and nuts!" I couldn't help but laugh, but great, I've taught her such a wonderful word and she even knows how to use it correctly. I am so glad my daughter catches on to all the things she isn't supposed to and doesn't listen to me any other time...the joys of parenting. I guess I could have taught her to say something worse, but it sure makes me wonder what other things she hears ans how horrible I am as a parent to say those things around her and that it's okay for me to say them.

However, I love the show Project Runway... and last night the episode I watched was about a bunch of (gay) designers making "outfits" for women who are proffesional wrestlers. I am sure you can imagine what the costumes may have looked like. Well, I thought Brinley was asleep (I don't usually watch that show when she is in the room) and when they showed some of the finished outfits, I hear Brinley say, as she puts her hand over her eyes and says, " oh yuck, Mom, that is so not modest...turn the channel." And then sticks her tounge out. At least I have taught her what it is to be modest.

And just because I Brinley is always getting words wrong. I am sure every kid does this, but right now she is obsessed with Charlie and Lola. We were watching an episode about them getting lost and they were telling the story of Hanzel and Gretel. I was asking Brinely to describe it for me and she kept saying it was "Handsome and Gretel." Maybe she thinks Charlie is cute...

She calls Top Romen "Taco Romen". It makes me laugh every time.


Josh n Betsie said...

How funny. I really have to watch what I say around Jadon also. He pulled the oh crap thing also. But he was just repeating me.
Josh said he would take a picture of me. so everyone will be happy for a bit.

Nick and Meg said...

Oh good, I don't work Thursday or Friday and I work only 5 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday and then I have Monday off too....let me know what your plans are here-where are you staying? And when we can get together-I REALLY want to see you guys! Ash is VERY excited to see Brinley! Love ya!

kim said...

Crap is my one word that I haven't been able to remove from vocabulary. The kids think it is so funny when I slip up and say it. It is far better than what I used to say. Anna doesn't think it's right that she can't say words like fart, butt and crap. I taught them mist which is German for crap and sounds so much better. Of course they giggle after they say it and so the frustration that should come with flies right out the window.

janet said...

Love that she knows what is modest and what isn't.. even on female wrestlers.

and taco romen is too cute. maybe they should make taco flavor ?