Tuesday, February 19, 2008


While we were in Utah, some friends of ours, the Lymans, were also in town from Wyoming and we were able to go to lunch with them. It was a lot of fun. Emily wasn't feeling too well though... hope your feeling better. We went to the plantarium...way cool...and FREE. This place was so neat and there is the biggest elevator there. It's huge!
The toy store had some really cool things to play with.
This is the way to walk around a large city.
We got to see Matt's adorable neice, Quinn. I am so glad we got to see you. (I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone we saw there.) Quinn works at a place called Smart Cookie in Lehi. This place has the BEST sugar cookies in the world and my cute little niece here makes them.
While in Utah, Megan introduced me to IKEA...OH MY GOSH, where have I been? I fell in love and wish I lived closer to one (Seattle is 4 hours away). I can now see why everyone talks about this place...it's an experience. Amazing...I could post just on how much I love it there, but I'm sure you would all quit reading my blog.


kim said...

IKEA is almost as cool as Disneyland. My whole family loves going there. They just put one near the airport and we visited last month. I love the candles section, the picture frames, the kids stuff, etc. My sister and her family just went last week and spent 5 hours there. It is awesome!!!

Josh n Betsie said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there. I hear you have pictures of the engagement. I have been checking your blog for a few days now waiting for you to post. YIPPEE! I am glad you did.

Wonderland Girl said...

Oh I am sooo sad you came to Utah and didn't make it to Vernal. :) Darnit.

Come again soon, you and Julie when my house is finished and stay with us. PLEASE!!!

Emily Lyman said...

I'm feeling much better... Brett was going to take me to the emergency room after we left, but it finally went away. Thankyou so much for meeting us for lunch, it was really nice seeing you guys. We have really missed you!
Did you get the keys?

janet said...

Looks like you had a blast! There is a lot to do here and I LOVE Smart Cookie! And I can't believe you haven't been to IKEA. It's worth the drive to Seattle!

I am here now.. missed you by a few days.. bummer!

arah said...

We will be back in May for a wedding. I told Matt that I have to go to Vernal, Corinne wants to come with me too.
Glad you are feeling better. I loved seeing you guys. Next time we will have to make it to your MIL store, now that I am in my house and know how I want to decorate it.
Say Hi to Quinn at Smart Cookie for me. She is the mananger and is there all the time! That really stinks I missed ya. Would have loved to see you and your boys. P.S. I am already making plans to go to IKEA in Seattle.

kim said...

Just a suggestion, but if you drive a little bit longer, you can come to the IKEA in Portland, what you save in taxes will pay for your gas. Then I can I see you!!!!

Wonderland Girl said...

Ok good. Just make plans to stay with us!!!! I super mean it.