Monday, January 4, 2010

I SUCK at blogging lately... December was BUSY, What else can I tell you?

*Matt and I celebrated 10 years together. We ate a nice dinner at Clinkerdagger's...DELICIOUS! I would have LOVED to have spent it in New York City. Maybe next year.
*The last day of school before break, Brinley got an award for the characteristic of CARING. She is a pretty caring girl.
After the assembly, her class had a little Christmas party and gift exchange. She got a Barbie Doll... She was SO THRILLED! Can you tell? I told her to tell the girl thank you and that it's the thought that counts. She is the only 6 year old I know that hates barbies.
*We had the annual Kunz family white elephant Christmas party at my sister-in-law, Ami's house this year. We decided on breakfast Kunz style, with cheese waffles with a yummy homemade syrup (thanks Michael), sausage and hash browns. There were some real nice gifts this year...real nice.
*Christmas Eve/Day was quiet. It was well, just quiet. We didn't wake up until 9am, that was grand.The girls got lots of goodies...Brinley was excited to get a lava lamp, Littlest Pet Shop, a zhu zhu pet, legos and a snuggie. Sarah got a tub toy and a Fur Real baby bear. She LOVES it, carries it around everywhere and gives it lots of snuggles. It's really cute to watch her haul it around. My favorite of the gifts was what I made Brinley... a book sling. It's my favorite because I find about 5 books every day in her bed from the night before. Now she can just put them away herself before she falls asleep. I got the idea here.
*The day after Christmas, all of my family came into town. We had an ugly sweater party. It was fabulous. How can you go wrong with metallic leggings and a poinsettia in your hair.
The entire Erickson side was here for a whole week, which got a little overwhelming at times, but it's so nice to have all the family together.
*New Year's Eve was spent at Wolf Lodge. It's tradition to go and celebrate my Mom's birthday with a delicious steak and rocky mountain oysters. We came home about 10pm with 2 very tired girls. Brinley barely stayed up until midnight, we barely made it to 12:15...just in time for us to fall asleep so that the New Years Baby could visit. He was good to us this year. Brinley got a yo-yo (she had asked Santa for one, but Santa already got her enough crap), a soda and a light up wand. We got our usual magazine, snack and soda. Sarah got a book and some juice. Oh, and my boot, well boots, there is another one, were from Matt for our anniversary. I've always wanted a pair and I was COMPLETELY surprised that he had gotten them for me. I LOVE them!
*In the midst of all this, I came down with a severe cold that I am just now feeling better from (it's taken a week), and Sarah got Bronchitis. I have had an ear infection the last few days of this crud and Matt started feeling symptoms of it yesterday. Brinley's been lucky and has only had a cough. Thank goodness...I've had enough.


Megan Erickson said...

Love how the book sling turned out! Looks really cute.

Sam said...

Looks like you guys had a great holiday season!!

Marnie said...

I wish my girls hated Barbies, I still do.

Rachel Berry said...

I suck at blogging too lately! So your not alone! ;) Love the book sling it turned out so great!

My Brinley doesn't like Barbies either, she had a bunch and gave them all away.

Hey I think we are going to have a little scrap getaway up at
Hauser Lake again in April. It would be fun if you could come!! I'll let you know the -for sure- dates if you are interested. Just let me know!


ciaobellaluca said...

Bella doesn't like Barbies either...never has! Funny girls!! LOVE the sling!! I haven't ever seen anything like that before---I love it & think I might have to copy the idea. I have so many projects i'm working on though--just finished a super cute magnetic chore chart for the kids. I'm glad you are feeling better---that stinks to be sick over the holidays!! Suprised I haven't seen you at the old stomping grounds---Michaels lately. Iv'e only been there everyday---they should pay me to go there I feel like...good thing for coupons!! sorry for the novel!! hope to run into you soon.

Lisa Farman said...

My thought on blogging is that if you haven't gotten around to doing you must be having too much fun enjoying your life. However it is nice for those of us not having as much fun to check out all the goings on of everyone else. Looks like you have been having loads of fun! :-)

Stephani said...

Rocky mountain oysters? Siiiick. ;)jk, I've never had them, but don't think I ever will either. :)

Love the book sling, what a good idea. And the ugly sweater party looks fun too, I'm making my family do one next year.

Darla said...

That book sling idea is GREAT! Even I might be able to do that. And Brinley's face with that Barbie?!! Doesn't she know her great grandma was the Barbie queen?? (;

Andrea said...

Where did you get that cute ABC print for the book sling? I want to make one for my nursery.

Darwin said...

I am also wondering where you got that cute print for the book sling? It is so adorable!