Monday, January 25, 2010

i {heart} seattle

Last weekend, my sister, Julie, and I took the kids over to Seattle to do some tourist-y stuff and see my bro and his girls. My SIL had won some tickets to the BODIES Exhibition and asked if we wanted to go... AMAZING!!!
Sorry if you have a weak stomach, I had to add some pictures. (click on the pics for the links)
Brinley hated it. In fact, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. She and I hung out in the souvenir area until everyone else was done,then they hung out with her while I did a hurried run through of the place. AMAZING is all I can say. If you get an opportunity to go, check it out.
Friday we had to do some business stuff and then took the kids to the LEGO store. they loved it! It was a great treat for them since we spent about 2 hours in the van driving around in circles in the U district waiting for a parking space to open up close to where I dropped Julie off.
We were pretty pooped out that afternoon. We enjoyed dinner at a 50's diner in Redmond. Great place for kids to run around and get some energy out.
Saturday we decided to take the kids to the top of the Space Needle. I've been to the Space Needle a dozen times, but never have I been to the top until last weekend.
The kids were pretty excited about it. Brinley's favorite part was the elevator ride up.'Hello Seattle!'Brinley decided that when she grows up, she wants to work there. I'm sure she will change her mind next week.
We came home Sunday and spent Monday being lazy up until Zumba that night, then I took the girls swimming for some family time and to wear them down.

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Jillyn said...

That exhibit looks like it would be cool! :D

And have you ever been to the Gum Wall in Seattle? It's down by Pike Street.....

Gross, but also so cool!