Monday, September 7, 2009

first day of 1st grade

We aren't very good about having a bedtime during the Summer. I hate having a schedule when I don't really have to have one. Although, when school starts, it's back to schedules, bedtimes and routines.
We started our bedtime schedule about 2 days before school started, not really enough time to adjust. It took me 40 minutes to get this kid out of bed for school. Good thing I started early.
As it was time to leave, I wanted to get a picture of her.
So she made this face.
But then let me take another.
She LOVES her new class and teacher.
She got into the SPICE Program, which is a parent involvement program and they get to go on more field trips through out the year. There are only 2 classes in each grade at her school. You are either in the neighborhood class or the SPICE class, so you will have the same kids in your class all through elementary. Brinley switched classes, but finds her old friends during recesses. She does miss her friends, but hasn't had a problem making new ones. She has already been invited to a birthday party.
Her teacher is awesome! She gives the kids really cool jobs every week. Brinely's job this last week was to be the magician. She has to show the class a magic trick and even wore a cloak for her performance.
It will be a good year.


Wonderland Girl said...

she's adorable, Arah!! Adorable. I wish we lived close I think she and Sadie would be good friends!

Becky said...

Happy back to school! My brother did a program like the SPICE one you described (though it was called SPACE at South Pines Elementary). He had a GREAT time- though it did take more effort on my mom's part. She will have a great year!

Marnie said...

Cute outfit.

birdeeb said...

Awesome!! I love the personality she shows haha! CUTE!