Thursday, September 10, 2009

little miss is 10 months old

Sarah turned 10 months old this week and...~ is tall and skinny.
~ takes out her barretts and chews on them. I am not willing to cut her hair.
~ loves sweet potatoes, graham crackers and apple bits, but her favorite is mommy milk.
~ can say: mama, dada, nigh-nigh, uh-oh, hi and jabbers a lot.
~ loves her binky binks.
~thinks that everyone else has something more interesting to play with
~ is walking along the furniture
~ loves patting Lola's bald, round noggin
~sleeps through the night
~thinks the kitchen table is her fort
~LOVES her big sister (sisa)
~ takes tiny bites out of her gold fish crackers
~loves pretzels
~loves jumping
~ doesn't take her time waking up, when shes awake, she is up!
~ takes short 30 minute naps 2-3 times a day (once in a while I get lucky and she will sleep for 2 hours)
~loves to be in the bath as long as Brinley is in there with her
~hates to ride backwards on long car trips
~ is like the energizer bunny
~loves to play with wires (consantly trying to hide them all)
~loves to put her fingers in my mouth
~loves to walk to the school (i walk, she rides in a backpack) to pick Brinley up
~loves mer mama and dada and sisa


Josh n Betsie said...

she is so cute. I sure wish I knew her

Renee' P said...

She really is so cute :)
Sounds like a beautiful, energetic little girl!
I can't believe her hair!
L still has so little hair that I can't even put one ponytail in!

Kaisa Bailey said...

she is YUM CITY. I also wish I knew her. She reminds me of Julie.

birdeeb said...