Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the fair

last weekend we went to the fair with my sister and her family. My sister, Julie, entered a few pics and even won 3rd place in childrens portraits with a picture of my nephew. It was a pretty cool.
She entered a picture of Matt singing during a rockband marathon last Christmas. We didn't tell him until the first day of the fair when I texted him a picture of his picture. He was surprised.
Julie tried to get a family photo of us...this is the best one...sad isn't it...and Sarah isn't even in the picture. I look like a total dork and Matt is looking off into the distance at something interesting, I'm sure, because taking a family photo for him is almost as pleasing as going to the dentist.We watch too much Project Runway. Brinley has a bit of the runway attitude.

She did get a somewhat decent shot of the two of us.
It was fun.
The end.
*Has blogger gotten really sucky lately? Or is it just me?*


Anonymous said...

Blogger sucks lately; I totally agree. It has been doing the weirdest things with my posts. Cute pictures!

Rachel Berry said...

Nope it's not just you Blogger does really suck (at times). That picture of Matt is awesome!
And is there such as thing as too much Project Runway? ;) Great pics looks like so much fun.

We skipped the fair this year. I know we got the bad parent award for that one!

DeAnne said...

you guys are cute :)

birdeeb said...

The one thing I hate about blogger is you can't tell your pictures to reverse I am always putting the pictures I want on the bottom instead of the top! I LOVE the picture of Brinley posing!

Lisa Farman said...

I love the last two pics. Brinley is adorable and the pic with you and Matt looks really cool with the fair in the background.

I would have to agree that blogger is sucking a bit. It seems to take forever to get my posts done. But I love seeing what everyone is up to.

Marnie said...

Brinley is funny. I hear you on the family pictures. Just yesterday I found nyself wishing I had one of the Erickson sisters to help me get some cool pictures that I needed.