Monday, December 15, 2008

wants and wishes

It's getting close to Christmas and I still haven't figured out what to get Matt. The kids are easy peezy (lemon squeezy). I am not even sure what to tell Matt to get me. However, I have wants and wishes. Most are way out of our Christmas budget, but they are the only things I really want, so do you think that I could just combine Christmas with my birthday and Valentines and whatever else holiday should arise in the next few months? Or we could just skip paying any bills this month to please me...
So here is my list of wants and wishes
A Bernina White Pearl sewing machine

AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens

SB-800 AF Speedlight


Bare Minerals Makeup

just to name a few.


CrazyMomof7 said...

I have 3 of your 4 things on my want but wont get list too.

Lisa Farman said...

Very nice list. I've been wanting to try the Bare Minerals makeup, but can't bring myself to spend that much on make-up. Maybe you will get one of the things on your list. My gift was a little over Christmas budget too so it is also my anniversary & birthday gift. It was totally worth it though!

Anonymous said...

Very good list. I can't think of anything, except new perfume. I am bored with the old. I told Dave to get me some that drives him wild;-)

Love the sewing machine. That's a great gift, especially if you use it often. I got a sewing machine 2 years ago, but haven't touched it for awhile.

I hear ya on the budget. I think we got more for our kids than each other. I really enjoy watching their excitement on Christmas morning.

A good way to hint about gifts you want is to find ads for those things and circle them. Then put them in several places for your Hubby to see. It's fun to be sneaky!
Good luck:)

Wonderland Girl said...

Okay I think we're kindred spirits. I want all of that too. Except for the sewing machine. Sewing machines and I don't really get along.

: ) Paula said...

Betcha Matt would LOVE a sewing machine. And some makeup! Tee hee :)

I've heard that the bare minerals stuff dries out your skin. . . rumor only as I haven't tried it myself.

Anonymous said...

Those are all on my want list!! Hope you get the lens that would be awesome! Happy holidays my dear. Luv ya love Selina Thanks again for the card! loved it.