Wednesday, December 17, 2008

little things

First off, I had to post this pic of Sarah.******
And on to other things. It has been COLD here. So cold, that it hurts to breath the air in. We had to put blankets up over our windows (nice, huh.). With the wind chill factor, the temperatures have been below 0 and often times -15 to -20. Today's high is 16 and we finally got the snow we were supposed to get last week. I think this latest storm was bigger than the weather people predicted...that is Spokane weather for you. This is what my front room now looks like. Aren't the makeshift curtains lovely? the blanket on the left was the very first one I ever made. I think I was 15.
Don't mind Brinley (she's playing jump rope with a scarf) or the nest of blankets/couch cushions on the floor. What else should you do when you get to watch movies on a day like this?...
clean the house, actually FOLD the laundry (Barbara, you would be proud) and be on the computer looking through ETSY and the millions of craft blogs that I love to read.


Darla said...

It's been freezing here too! Crazy. The kids have been wild children..all over the house screaming to be outside. It finally warmed up yesterday and today and we did some fun playing in the snow! Oh, how I hope I can make it up there soon to hold that little beebs!!

Darla said...

ahem..HAD some fun.