Monday, February 21, 2011


To lose your mother and give birth to your first child in the same heart aches for this family.
Her last wish was to see her first born grandchild and the hospital is doing everything they can to grant her that wish. I get to be a small part of that and I don't know if I can hold it together. It's always hardest to see families feel the sorrow and heart ache. Knowing your mother is just down the hall just waiting to let go while you prepare to give birth to a perfectly healthy child.
There are times where I pray that my camera captures every little thing correctly and that I don't have technical issues to deal with. I am hoping today is one of those days where it all flows smoothly.


Christy said...

Those times are bitter sweet indeed. I had a similar situation- Hannah was born the day after my wonderful grandmother died this year.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet Arah! You are an angel:)

Anonymous said...

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