Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I know, I am such a blog slacker. I admit it. I really have had a lot going on...more than just the holidays. Our weather today consists of a foot of snow, so I knew I had no place to go and even though my house is a mess, I just really wanted to sit at my computer and write instead of clean.
I put up this basket for our winter gear. This is a clean picture of it all. Right now, it's piled high with winter coats, lots of boots, and the ocasional outdoor toy that the little girl brings in.
I love days like today. I think I was made to live in the Northwest, summer's are pretty mild and winters can be long and cold :)
I have about 3 other posts to write rather than 1 long post. I don't want my blog to go to pot. I have had many emails from people I don't know who said that my blog has been helpful/a blessing/and inspiring. I want to keep it that way :) I want people to know that there is good that comes from our trials. I want this blog to be real.
I hope 2011 brings inspiration and happiness to me.

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Darla said...

Yes! Love all the posts, Arah! And the reindeer games? What does that mean? Please tell me more cuz it LOOKS like a lot of fun!! (: