Thursday, April 29, 2010

the toof fairy

Brinley woke up yesterday with her tooth missing. She found it in her bed and ran in to our room extremely excited. The girl turned 7 last week and just now lost her first tooth, the excitement on her face was like telling her we were going to Disneyland.
She took her tooth to school.
She named it.
She was not giving it up without a fight.
This was the letter to the 'Toof Fairy':"Don't take my tooth, but give me money!!!!!"
The Tooth Fairy did NOT leave money.
Brinley got to keep her tooth.


Marnie said...

After Chloe lost her second tooth she was ready to put both of them under her pillow for the tooth fairy. I still have the teeth, silly, I know.

Ed Hochhalter said...

Why didn't the tooth fairy leave any money for Brinley? Good thing she didn't take her tooth. It's still more precious than a dime! =)