Monday, March 8, 2010


Saturday morning we went to a dear Kunz family friend, Gerald Lowe's, funeral. He is the Father-in-law of Matt's sister, Lori. Such a sweet, loving man. He was buried just a few feet from our little Olivia. Matt's parents haven't been out to the cemetery since Olivia's funeral, so Saturday, they were able to see her headstone in person. Thank goodness for iphone's. We wouldn't have this picture otherwise.
We brought apples (we don't bring flowers often) for the deer. We brought one for Gerald too.
It was really nice to have family with us. Usually it's just me and the girls, or just me or Matt and I. So I really, really appreciated the Lowe family and Matt's sister, Ami, and his parents to just spend a few minutes with her, even while there for the graveside service for Gerald.
Thank you!


julie said...

great photo. merv and i have stopped by a few times during our drives to say hi. ;)
...she is very loved and thought of often.

arah said...

thank you Julie!