Sunday, October 26, 2008

batcat, eyeballs and trunk-r-treat

Last night Brinley and I (Matt was home, sick in bed...really, really sick) went to a trunk-r-treat with Julie and Merv. Brinley has been wanting to be Batcat for months now. If you watch Charlie and Lola, then you have probably heard of Batcat, like Batman, but a cat. So after working on her costume for about 5 minutes, this is what we came up with. She loved it.
Julie, Merv and Cody came dressed up as eyeballs. I kept telling them to put mustaches on, then they could have had eyebrows. Cody HATES Halloween, so to get him to dress up took a lot of talking it up.
Julie was told by someone that their husband thought me being pregnant was my costume. She told him, "no, I think she really is pregnant." He responded by, "Wow, she's huge."
I didn't dress up. I guess that was okay.
Merv and I decorated the back of my van. It wasn't all that cool this year, but people thought it was cool.
We all went to a halloween party at Pam and Larry's house. They have the best parties. Their house was decorated amazingly and their 4 oldest boys and Larry made a haunted house in their garage. It was really fun and they even got a few jumps out of me. I didn't take any pictures, but I am sure my sister julie will post a few.


CrazyMomof7 said...

I am so glad that youguys came to the party. I also never took any pictures.
I think that everyone had a good time. I know that I had fun when everyone went through the haunted house the second time..hehehe.

Brunabug said...

It was great to have you and Brinley at the Trunk or Treat! I loved her costume! Bug has just started to watch Charlie and Lola but I had no idea that Batcat was on that show.
Julie is your sister??? I had no idea!