Friday, September 5, 2008


As I wait for pictures to download...
here are a few things Brinley has said recently that made me laugh.
Brinley: "Mom, hurry! Come here!"
Me: (running to her bedroom) "Brinley whats wrong?"
Brinley: "Oh, good. You made it just in time."
Me: What is it Brinley?"
Brinley: "I tooted."
Brinley: "Mom, when Sarah Mae is born, can I teach her words?"
Me: "Sure."
Brinley: "I am going to teach her how to say chicken and crackers and toilet paper."


Stephani said...

haha, kids say the funniest things...She sure seems like a fun little girl to share life with.

Lisa Farman said...

Brinley is too cute. No wonder Hyrum loves her so much!