Saturday, August 28, 2010


We are headed to a funeral today.
This past week I has brought back a lot of memories, good and bad, of what we went through more than 2 1/2 years ago. It feels different when it's family. There is more involved than taking photos for a family at the hospital. It involves making sure that everything this week goes smoothly and that they don't have to worry about whats for dinner, which funeral home to go with, where she will be buried, etc.
I was asked to prepare little Mackenzie for burial. Yesterday afternoon I went to the funeral home and got to hold my sweet little great niece one more time. It brought back memories of my little Olivia. It was the same room, the same funeral director...the same sweet compassion.
I was also invited to the birth. When you know people at the hospital, you know that they will have the best nurses on shift. That they will get the best care and that everything will hopefully flow well.
They were placed in what we call, the Olivia room... it was the first time I had set foot in there since Olivia was born. I took a deep breath before I entered. I had flashbacks of that night. I took pictures of Mackenzie in the same place Olivia had her pictures taken, again flashbacks. And as I wathced my nephew hold his tiny daughter, I was reminded of my husband and the sadness on his face when he held our tiny daughter.
It was good to be reminded of those times. It reminds me of why I do what I do and that we have been blessed by our loss. Others are blessed by our loss. Olivia is very much alive.
Today, Mackenzie will be placed right next to Olivia. I went to the cemetery yesterday evening. The grave had been opened, ready for today. I wanted to move away some of the dirt so that I could see Olivia's concrete box (this is what they placed her casket in). I just wanted to touch it. I can't imagine I'll ever get to be that physically close to her again. I won't have those feelings of her being out there all by herself anymore.
I know there will be a lot of tears today. I also know that Olivia and Mackenzie will be there with us, along with Christian.
*the Kunz family as a whole has had three babies die.
Christian Nicholas Call August 30, 2001 born still
Olivia Kamille Kunz November 11, 2007-November 11, 2007
Mackenzie Eva Kunz August 24, 2010 born still


Karen said...

tears and prayers are with is comfotring to know sierra has another friend as well...I can immagine the 3 girls together..having a Girls sure they are best friends...

Nick and Meg said...

This is an amazing post and brought me to tears once again. You are so much stronger than I am, Arah...Where you embrace this heartache, I shy away and grief in private. I wish I were more like you. Thank you for including Christian in your really means a lot to me.
Love you, Arah!

Josh n Betsie said...

tears, you are a blessing! Olivia is a blessing

Renee' P said...

I just can't imagine what your family has gone through! I loved your post and so glad you could be their right hand man during this time.
I think that's so great that the girls are being buried next to each other!
Praying for your entire family!

Jillyn said...

Although this post made me tear up, it was a good post and i'm happy you were able to share your emotions. You are such an amazing women to be able to do the things you do and take Olivia's life and turn it into something amazing. I'm glad that you were able to be there for your family in their time of need and that they have such a wonderful Aunt for support.

You have been in my thoughts lately. *hugs*

Raquel Ruggles said...

i don't know if i'd be able to be so great and strong like you are for your family. thank you for reminding me to love my babies a little extra. we are thinking and praying about you and your extended family.

Anonymous said...

Sweet post Arah. My prayers are with your family as well. I hope your back starts feeling better as well. Let me know if you need anything...someone to watch Sarah...dinner...a day of rest. It's just Will and I now, so he gets kinda lonely. Text me or call if you need anything. Hugs, Tiff