Monday, August 23, 2010

relying on Him

A friend of mine, Karin, recently posted something on her blog that goes well with my last post. I thought I share some of it here.
I mentioned the "God does not give us more than we can handle" phrase. It's widely overused in times when it's not what a person/family wants to hear.
So I want to quote my friend...
"At the time it seemed comforting, a nice thing to believe.
Then the days went by, the weeks, the months.
My pain grew deeper and stronger and I started to wonder.
To wonder if this was really a promise of God.
So I opened up His book and came to fine...
there is no such verse. No such promise.
But what He does promise us is strength when we are weak.
Rest when our burdens are heavy.
Peace when our hearts are troubled.
He promises us struggles in life, but a Heaven without tears."
And my favorite part, which I feel is right on...
"So here is what I do believe...
God does in fact give us MORE than we can bear.
He allows it so we will rely on Him, not ourselves.
Rely on His strength, not our own."
So true.


Karin said...

Thank you Arah.
Your friend Karin.

Jillyn said...

So very very well put. I couldn't have said it better.