Saturday, October 2, 2010

well, heeeellllllloooooo there.

This sad neglected blog. I have had so many things I have wanted to sit and blog about. I was sure that once Brinley started school again, my life would be back on a schedule, things would get easier.
Not the case.
Life is busy. Very busy.
But I do want to keep up on this blog, even with small posts about everyday things. I think I will just recap some of the things we have been doing these past few months.

Half of my family went on the 15 mile Hiawatha Trail. It was a lot of fun and I would like to go again next year. Brinley rode most of the way. She did not like going through the 1.6 mile tunnel (which you go through twice) in the dark with a little flashlight connected to the front of her handle bars, the first time through. On the way back, the second time, she was a pro and was singing "Fly Me to the Moon" with her dad the whole way. Sarah did amazing. Not much of a peep from her the entire trip. She loves bike rides :)


Brinely started 2nd grade. She loves it, but has some focusing problems and comes home with lots of extra homework because she doesn't finish it in class. We give her fish oils and other vitamins, but this year, it just doesn't seem to be doing the job. Any suggestions?

I bought a thermos for her lunches this year too. It was worth the expense and has saved us from sandwiches every day. The girl loves soup and leftover pasta.

The week school started, so did the fair. I was a little disappointed this year. The attendance was WAY down. They usually have a kids free/ adults half price day, but not this year. The homemade/ handmade parts of the fair are my favorite. The photography, quilts, cakes, jams, sewing, etc. I lOVE it. The animals too.

I got to go three times this year. Once with all the family, once with Matt to see a Clint Black concert and a third with Brinley and her school. By the time I got home from the field trip, I couldn't walk. I was out for a week, with three trips to the chiropractor. I hate back pain. It was hard to lay on the couch and not be able to work on things. It drove me nuts. I had lists going through my head of all the stuff that needed to get done, stuff that had deadlines. AHHH.

We decorated for Fall/Halloween a week early. I couldn't help myself. It's my favorite time of year. Now if the Fall weather would return... A week of 80 degrees is not what I like to see. I love 65 degrees, where I can wear hoodies and jackets and drink hot cocoa in the morning. (starbucks brought back their salted caramel hot cocoa...yay!)

The leaves are just starting to fall from the 10 trees we have in our yard. I'm still waiting on the maples leaves to change color.

Matt got our fence finished. It only took him six months :) The gates aren't done yet, but I'm super happy that I have a fenced yard. Sarah is quick and now I don't have to worry as much about where she is.

We bought a chicken coop. I still need to seal the wood. We have decided to wait until Spring to buy the chickens. We are excited to have fresh eggs.

Sarah is a wonderful artist. She likes to show off her work on our walls, Brinley's dresser, her arms, legs and stomach. She is quite a talker now too. My favorite thing...when she walk into the kitchen and points to a cupboard and says 'No canny, no no canny. no" She knows where the stash of candy is for sunday school class and always wants a piece. I always tell her no. She also says:


bye everybody,


baba (grandma),

i go out tide?

binney (brinley)

big gurl



shoosh (shoes)


biaper (diaper)



gabba gabba? (yo gabba gabba)

bunkey (monkey)

da-dee (daddy)

mom, momma , mommy, mom, mom, mom, momma, mom, mooomeeee!!!!!!!

Brinley loves to be at home, jumping on the trampoline, hanging with her mom, playing with her sister. She does not like doing homework, going to bed or brushing her hair.

We took Sarah to the dentist, she had three cavities. She isn't two yet. Brinley has no cavities and perfectly spaced teeth. Lucky girl.

I have been nuts. HA! Our photography business has taken off. We had 4 shoots this week. We have 5 weddings booked already for next Summer. Family pictures are now the season. I have been trying to keep up on everything around the house, including all the yard work. I talked to a class of high school kids about Olivia yesterday. My niece, Cindy, invited me and is fundraising for memory making things for families who's babies die. Her brother just went through losing their daughter a month ago. I also am helping once a week in Brinley's class. I love helping at the school. Tuesdays are crazy. I have meetings every Tuesday. So does Matt. I have to drag my girls to half of them. It is not fun.

Matt works. all. the. time. I see him for a bit at night, but Tuesdays and Thurdays he has meetings, those nights are crazy for me. He has decided that he loves to golf and I allow him to go every Saturday morning. I say 'allow' lovingly... he feels guilty most of the time. I think everyone needs a break from a crazy life :)

Sundays are the only day that Matt doesn't work. It's filled with church and sometimes a photo shoot. It is not a day I get to completely enjoy. Truthfully, I don't look forward to Sunday. Matt and I both teach a Sunday school class. Sarah isn't a fan of nursery and so I am usually wrangling her so that we can teach and then wandering the hallway so that she can get wiggles out. Church is from 1-4, which is right during nap time. I can't wait for the time to change in January to 9-12, however, i dread 9am church and like the 11am time better :) It seems like church has been hit and miss a bit lately, my back was out one weekend, sick kids, being out of town, etc. We try to go faithfully, eventhough I feel like I get nothing out of it, Brinley needs to be there and Sarah needs to learn to sit still. I'm sure that this is just one of those season's in a mother's life.

That's it for now. My crazy life. Filled with lots.


Christy said...

One word "WOW"~ You are such an amazing person to be able to do as much as you do! And btw, the main reason i didn't go to the fair this year was because there wasn't a free day =( I was pretty sad about that, but we're going to go next year for sure! The girls will be older then and I know they will just love it!

Jillyn said...

you've only been REALLY BUSY now haven't you?? thanks for updating!

Ally said...

About church..I go alot without Todd because he works graves...5 kids and me and we also go at mom always said the Lord just wants to see if you're being obedient. He understands that you won't get much out of the meeting, it's the being there that counts. That always makes me feel better!!!