Thursday, February 11, 2010


Our basement is starting to look like a lot like a room and not a basement anymore.
It's exciting.
I will finally have a storage room and we will all appreciate the second bathroom. We've had a few issues with the electrical, as in placing the sprinkler system (which goes THROUGH our house) directly in front of our old school fuse boxes and puting a light in the air intake...idiots. Those things will be fixed and we will be upgrading our fuse boxes. We are pulling out our sprinkler system entirely for now and when we get the yard finished, replace it.
It's so much farther along than this now. But I haven't taken a picture of it in the last two days.
Our windows came in today...YAY! They screwed up and ordered the wrong tint, so they don't qualify for the rebates. However, they we're awesome enough to pay us back what we would have gotten from Avista. We already got an awesome deal on them, so now we got an even awesomer deal on them. We will start replacing those next week.
We picked out carpet , door and paint yesterday.
Can't wait to see it all done.


Lisa Farman said...

How exciting.

Jillyn said...

This will be so exciting when it's all done :D Can't wait to see pictures!