Wednesday, June 3, 2009

suggestions wanted!

I am in need of some teacher gifts. I am usually good about coming up with something, but Brinley's teacher is MALE! What do you get a male teacher? Also, I need to get a thank you gift for her bus driver too.
Any suggestions?
links to any blogs would be great this one.
Thanks ya'll!


Rachel Berry said...

Hmmm that's a good one! We have only had female teachers so far, but come next year I have a feeling that will change when my oldest is in Middle School.

Okay I know this will be of no help what so ever, but the first thing that popped into my head was a movie basket.

Throw in some micro popcorn, some candy, some soda and a gift certificate to your local blockbuster. Then add a note telling him to take a night off and relax at the movies...

See I told you I'm of no help. I'm just ever so cheesy! :)

Man I had better get going on my kids teachers gifts.... School gets out tomorrow! YiKES!


Renee' P said...

My Dad teaches at Greenacres. He gets tons of gifts every year. Usually chocolate or candy. He's gotten those M&M characters; he loved that!

Usually it's food of some kind. Cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate.
I think he has gotten gift cards every now and then, but those students LOVE him!

Hope that helps!

Renee' P said...

I love the movie basket idea or movie tickets! That's a great gift for any teacher!!!

Hope said...

Halle's teacher is female, so we got her some lotion and soap from Bath & Body works. But we had considered getting her a gift card to Barnes & Noble. That would work well for a man, I would think.

julie said...

all-time-favorite-never-go-wrong-gift: a set of regal movie tickets from costco, $15 a pair... we've gotten them every year for every teacher and they are always a hit.

a potted plant for the helpers & principal last year and for the bus driver we got a bag a oreos, also a hit... ;)

The Fincher Family said...

This is the MOST HILARIOUS site ever, but since they are both teachers, she has some great ideas. I am also a teacher and my favorite gift this year was one of those discount cards that are like a credit card, it had free chips and salsa at Chili's and the kid went home and told his mom that I ate them for lunch for 3 days, so they got me that!!

DeAnne said...

I don't have any ideas for gifts, but I'm sorry we missed ya last week. I'm glad you had somewhere to stay though. You look great! I love your hair :)