Wednesday, June 17, 2009

goodbye Kindy-garten.

She graduated...rrr, well, got a certificate for finishing Kindergarten.
Our school district doesn't allow Kindergarten graduations.
She was so excited! And I am most positive that I had that exact same certificate when I actually did graduate Kindergarten. We had the whole hat and gown, walk down the isle, sing a song, play the xylophone, walk across the bridge, shake the Principal and teacher's hand, eat some cake, graduation...I have pictures to prove it and I remember almost every detail of that day. But i did come up with an idea for a gift. I will just say, Wordle is awesome! It's free and you can make some cool stiff with it. LOVE IT! And she will tell you how to do it and get an awesome outcome (love her blog). I added all of the kids names from her class, her teachers name, her school, the school year and the word Kindergarten. Then you just click the button and the website does all the work for you.
His gift includes:
*framed Wordle print
*2 tickets to the movies
*a thank you card from me
*and a sweet letter from Brinley,
with a little help with spelling, but it was all her. Thats a lot of writing for a 6 year old to do in one night.
I hope he likes it. Men teachers are hard to get stuff for.

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Tashina said...

Oh i love that gift!!! What a clever idea... I'm sure he loved it!