Wednesday, June 17, 2009

love a find

I haven't stepped into a Walmart in more than a month. Today I needed to go there for some reason and at the moment, don't know why I chose Walmart. I prefer Target.
As I strolled (yes, I got to stroll in Walmart, of all places) down the isles, I spotted this: I LOVE it...for $6. It fits nicely into the tiny kitchen I have and I get a drawer back to use as I like.
Sometimes, the trip to Walmart is worth it.


Rachel Berry said...

Okay you have to share in what section did you find this cute thing? I really do want to know :)
Ps. love those pictures of Sarah below, she's getting so big!!


arah said...

it was in the seasonal section with all the 4th of July picnic stuff. There was a really cool water/lemonade dispenser there too that matched, but I didn't want to spend $18.

Wonderland Girl said...

haha i bought one of those too. plus the little $6 pitcher w/ the dispenser spigot. wal-mart can be good. it can also be of the devil.