Thursday, June 4, 2009

just stuff.

First of all, thank you everyone for the suggestions. There was an overall consensus of movie tickets/gift cards. I think I know what I am going to do now, so THANK YOU! We still have 2 weeks of school left, so I will post about what the gifts are next week.
On to my baby:
She is getting big, 7 months next week. To my surprise, a tooth popped up yesterday. My sweet baby turned into a clingy cranky baby overnight. She wants her momma close by her. If I can get a picture of it, I will. Brinely didn't get a tooth until 13 months. I was hoping Sarah would have waited too. oh, well.
Have you ever known a kid to not like a Bumbo chair? I give you this child. 3-5 minutes while I feed her some carrots or sweet potatoes, but that's it. She wants out immediately.
My sister, Julie, found this adorable antique high chair at a yard sale the other day (thanks Julie!) It fits nicely with the age of my house. It's some what small. It fits in my kitchen. Its adorable. Sarah loves it, but she can't quite sit up by herself yet...she is getting there though. This high chair doesn't come with a restraint so I had to come up with something so she wouldn't slide out. Problem solved...for now: The "Betty Belt' as it is known in our house. It belongs to Brinley who, surprise, found it at a yard sale about a month ago. It works for now, but my plans are to make a little seat cover and seat belt.
It seems as if Summer has finally arrived in Spokane. The weather here has been gorgeous. As of yesterday and today I have trimmed all the hedges (not a small task), killed off as many weeds as I could, planted my last tomato plant (we should have a nice little garden of green beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck squash, pumpkins and watermelon), mowed our small backyard, but left the big side and front yard for Matt, got the sprinkler system working with the help of my Papa (Thanks Dad!), and will start painting the picnic table my mom gave us. I found a bright shade of orange in the basement that I think will actually look pretty cool on the table. It was left here from the previous owners...they had some interesting color choices in this house.
Next week I will be helping out in Brinley's class a few extra days. Next Friday is a field trip to the bowling alley for the kindergartners, while the rest of the school gets to go to a movie at the Garland, Monsters vs. Aliens...Lucky!
We will be having our annual Erickson Family Yard Sale next weekend. This time it will be held at my house. I am sure my brother, Jared, is happy about that. Matt is excited to have his garage back.


DeAnne said...

I always feel like such a lazy bum when I read your blog. You're always doing so much! What a cute high chair too! So, yes we are in Kennewick, so call any time you're down. Also, my due date is Aug. 30th:)

Darla said...

such a CUTE high chair! I want it. And I want that little baby too!! Too bad she's getting so big and I probably won't even see her for another year... );
As for the annual Erickson Family Yard Sale, wish I could go!

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Jake used to arch his back until he fell out of his bumbo...having an overly large head will allow you to do that, apparently. Now my nephew has it and Jake loves it, but is way too big!

The Jeppson Family said...

OK--so I don't look at blogs that much anymore however, I do every once in a while come to yours---First of all, your hair LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!!! I LOOOVE it!! Second, about teachers mom is a teacher & I asked her a couple years ago what her favorite gifts were--movie tix's w/ her favorite candies(note said-Have a "sweet" summer!) was her fav & a couple of other unique ones were--a mother & student made a homemade kleenex holder (out of material), a cute big summer cup w/ a bottled water & a couple of "to go" lemonade mixes. I can't remember the rest--sounds like you have already made up your mind anyhow--I love to hear & see others ideas. Love the cup warmer/holder idea--that's totally up your alley!!

Marnie said...

She is so dange cute and chubby.

Mary Child said...

LOVE the high chair, and OH MY GOSH, how is it possible that Sarah is already seven months old???

She is totally adorable Arah!

Congrats to Matt on getting his garage back!