Monday, September 8, 2008

Spokane County Interstate Fair

Friday night Brinley and I headed to the fair with my mom, Julie and Cody. A few highlights from our adventure:

Sarah is hanging out with the rabbits.

Cody and Brinley LOVED the bees, they thought bees were hilarious and just wouldn't stop laughing at them. Cody even found the queen bee.

Cody pointed out all the rides he didn't want to go on.

Every year, these guys from South America come and play music, trying to sell their CDS, and ever since Brinley was just a baby, she has to dance to their music. This year was no exception. In fact, I believe Julie has one of their CD's and puts it on to clean the house.
The kidlings had to go on a few rides. Brinley has been bugging me ALL Summer to go to the fair just to ride the rides.

And you can't leave ther fair without a few carnival prizes. Julie found these fantastic shades. Don't be can get your own pair at the fair. You may see these beauties on a model or two on her ebay site. Brinley had to have a red monkey, which she will carry around for a year before she puts it down. This went to bed with her when we got home.
I have to say, the fair isn't quite as enjoyable when you are 7 months preggo and your feet are killing you.


CrazyMomof7 said...

Looks like you guys had fun. We are going to the fair tonight. look marvelous ;-)

DeAnne said...

oh my goodness, you look so cute! i love your new haircut. yer baby sarah is sure growing isn't she? my goodness, you are going to run out of room. :)

janet said...

We always love the fair! I still have a magnet on our fridge of our family at the Spokane Fair in 2004. Fun times! and great pictures!

Corinne and Brian said...

Arah, I just have to say your hair is so cute! I wish we were able to go with you guys to the fair. It was fun the last time we went together. I hope you aren't to tired and worn out but i guess it is unavoidable when you're pregnent. Love you sis

Wonderland Girl said...

I know I've said this before but DANG I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY.

Jandre said...

haha, yeah, I went to the fair monday night, 9 months pregnant and ended up with my water breaking later that night! I swear, it's gotta be the fair that does it to ya!